Renegade Performance Group Films



See what others cannot imagine.
Feel what others cannot sense.
Smell what others cannot taste.
Hear what others cannot comprehend.

Using the backdrop of the Crown Heights community currently at a crossroads, this film intends to create and capture the speculative visions of the neighborhood through the lens of a “seer woman”. The film captures the experiences of a woman based in present day Brooklyn. Conflicted with the changes in the neighborhood, she is torn about what the so-called progress means to her personally and to the people she considers her community. Going out into the community, various spots initiate a deep power within her. A power representing her own heritage and reflecting the community. The spaces and places she comes across everyday, awaken her to a gift with the ability to manifest the existence of a possibilities unseen by others.

André M. Zachery

Roxann Remekie
Assistant Director

Cinematography + Photography
LaMont Hamilton
Molaundo Jones
Richard Louissaint

Candace Thompson
Brittany Williams

Tara Nicolas

Production Assistants
Candace Thompson + Rey Hall



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