Renegade Performance Group Films

This Moment

“This Moment” is a dance short-film commissioned by @cdi_cuny to encourage #NYC participation in the #USCensus2020 in partnership with @qplnyc

But this film resonates beyond the scope of this initial project and is an anthem addressing the reality of Black life in the United States and globally. In searching for music to use for this project I immediately turned to the musical catalogue of one of my oldest and closest friends @arinmaya and immediately found the tune. I remember when @arinmaya wrote and recorded the song - “This Moment” and in a moment of need the track was waiting for me. Listen to the words:

You are more than this moment. I am more than this moment. We are more than this moment. Black life is more than this moment.

@renegadepg and director @amzrpg are indeed devastated by the disregard to the life of #BreonnaTaylor and share in the pain felt by Black people across the nation in already a time of so much loss. We are truly exhausted...

To have embodied this song into dance is a testament to living within the moment and expanding beyond the boundaries that seek to confine Black life. This is why I continue to create and collaborate through @renegadepg

#cinematography by @haitianrich
#music by @arinmaya + @edsonsean (@write.angle)




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