Renegade Performance Group Films

Just Past and Beyond

Just Past and Beyond is a dance film responding to not being able to physically connect with our elders, who play a vital role in our communities as holders of knowledge and builders of legacy. As much as we need their guidance in our lives, they need to see our passion and possibility. Not being able to connect with them during this time hurts us all.
This film also addresses the harsh truth and reality in the crisis of COVID19 - that Black communities are facing higher infections and death rates due to structural inequities. Fighting through this crisis will be a testament and tribute to the family, friends, elders and cultural leaders we have lost. Honoring those who have become ancestors is a sacred tradition that must be carried out even in the midst of our current struggle.

Title: Just Past and Beyond
Director + Choreography + Editing: André M. Zachery
Performer: Candace Thompson-Zachery
Music: Bill Withers, The Fugees



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