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Untamed Space Film

Short Description
Untamed Space dance film is a timeless consideration by Renegade Performance Group on Afrofuturism. Inspired by “marooning” and the creation of Black spaces the film is shot at the national historic landmark Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Full Description
In Untamed Space, Renegade Performance Group artistic director and choreographer André M. Zachery calls upon his familial lineage in the Southern United States and Haiti and his upbringing on the southside of Chicago to construct an interdisciplinary performance about “marooning” in the 21st Century. Historically, maroon colonies were liberated communities of Africans who escaped to hills, mountains, and forests upon their arrival to the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries. Untamed Space considers the spiritual dimensions of maroon colonies and, in Zachery's own words,

"how the creation of those impassible spaces has influenced contemporary identities of African-blooded people in the Americas."

As a dance film the work captures the movement of Black bodies in meditative, conversational, mundane, stoic and joyous conversations. Many of the tableaus are inspired by visual artists John Biggers and Kerry James Marshall and the sound score features original creations by Afrofuturism artists Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and the iconic King Britt.

Run Time: 12min23sec
Year of Production: 2017
Country of Production: United States of America
Director: André M. Zachery
Editor: André M. Zachery
Conception: André M. Zachery
Cast: Candace Thompson, Nehemoyia Young, André M. Zachery
Cinematography: LaMont Hamilton
Stills: Richard Louissaint
Music: King Britt & Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Costumes: Joy Havens
Art Direction: Joy Havens + André M. Zachery

* shot on location at Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, NY



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