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Evolutionary Eye

By David Haines:
Lyrics by Rachael Shearmur
Even some primitive unicellular organisms are able to detect light.
The evolution from primitive eyespots to image-perceiving organs
began during the Ediacaran Period, at the end of the Precambrian Era.
The sudden diversification of fauna in the fossil record at the
start of the Cambrian Period (the Cambrian Explosion), may have been
an evolutionary response to predators obtaining the power of sight.
Mixed and edited by Emilija Baksys and David Bass
With the singing, acting, and artistic talents of:
Lorraine Adams, Emilija Baksys, David Bass, Leslie Hall,
Susan Hall, Katie Hamill, Liza Kitchell, Kathy Lindsay,
Julie Martz, Glenn McElhoe, Jeff Moore, Rachael Shearmur,
Richard Walford, Aimee Yermish, and Fiona Zambuto