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In the Faraway Near of the Hidden Ear

By Daniel Kallman:
Lyrics by Christine Kallman:
A musical fantastic voyage from the external auricle
to the cochlea and semicircular canals of the inner ear.
Mixed and edited by Emilija Baksys, David Bass, and Carla Procaskey
With the singing, acting, and artistic talents of:
Lorraine Adams, Emilija Baksys, Chris Edel, Leslie Hall,
Susan Hall, Katie Hamill, Ram Kelath, Liza Kitchell,
Julie Martz, Glenn McElhoe, Jeff Moore, Liz Morse,
Henry Rogers, Ruth Rogers, Rachael Shearmur, and Richard Walford
The Organ of Corti image was originally posted to Flickr by adrigu at (archive).
The original image has been cropped and edited.