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Cambridge Public School Medley

By David Haines:
working with children in the Cambridge Public Schools
1. Animal Camouflage by Room 108, Kindergarten, Amigos School
Camouflaged creatures blend in so well with their surroundings
that they must use senses other than sight to find each other.
2. Howler Monkey Senses by Room 106, Kindergarten, Haggerty School
Howler monkeys have calls that can be heard
five km away and can smell food two km away.
3. My Senses in the Rain by Room 101, Kindergarten, Graham and Parks School
There are unique sights, sounds, sensations, smells
and even tastes that we associate with a rainy day.
4. Search for Delicious by Room 117, 3rd Grade, King Open School
What we think of as "flavor" is actually a combination of smell
and sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami taste receptors.
5. Signals with Senses by Room 108, 1st Grade, Sheltered English Immersion,
Graham and Parks School
People, like animals, use all of their senses to communicate.

Mixed and edited by Emilija Baksys and David Bass
With the singing talents of:
Lorraine Adams, Emilija Baksys, Susan Hall, Glenn McElhoe,
Jeff Moore, Rachael Shearmur, Ellen Sun, and Richard Walford