Light Installations

ROIL, 2016 Smack Mellon Gallery

ROIL is an 8 channel video projection of expanding and contracting circles of white light onto a 2000 yard white mesh installation (35'Hx55'Lx28'W) at Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY) on view through 21 February 2016.
Christine Sciulli
Artist Statement
December 2016
My most recent explorations have focused on the projection of plane geometries through various three dimensional networks to generate a dynamic mapping of solid geometries of light through space. In this installation, projected circles of white light expand and collapse through Smack Mellon’s cavernous space in a frenzy which harkons back to the roiling steam that powered surrounding factories.
Smack Mellon’s current home once belonged to Robert Gair, who patented his revolutionary design for a structurally sound three-dimensional lidded box folded from a single two-dimensional sheet of paper without adhesives in 1900. Industrialist Gair housed his widely varied paper product operations in several buildings concentrated in DUMBO. “Gairville” was fueled by tons of coal dropped through chutes carved out of the 4th and 5th floors of this former mill. Boilers in this vast hall superheated, churned and compressed water into hissing steam that pulsed through pipes and coursed into adjacent buildings supplying heat and energy. Racing progress and rapidly expanding industrialization, made possible by the relatively simple kinetic expansion of water into a vapor that could provide so many uses, was the starting point for my immersive, site-specific installation, ROIL. My installation stretches through the industrial hall offering opportunities to inhabit it’s passages, caves, nooks, hubs and low overhangs which become clear to the viewer as dark adaptation takes place.