Light Installations

Wall One

Medium: HD video projection of single line of light which traverses a vertical field of grasses continuously from left to right and then right to left.

Dimension: 5'H x 12'L x 12" deep.

Video documentation of installation. (The video begins with a still photo and a bit of ambient light.) This piece was created during my residency at the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton, NY, which I called The Expansive Field project. It is the first wall project in this body of work.

The moving points of light seen are created solely by the movement of the line of projected light (a motion graphics video I created of one vertical line moving back and forth across a black ground) and it's being "caught" on various parts of the grass in it's path as shown in the detail following the still frame.

The third part of the video shows a longer view of the piece as the line moves across the wall mounted grass field.