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Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto is a law firm dedicated to helping Ontarians with all of their legal needs. Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers provides realistic options to the day-to-day challenges and problems you experience as an outcome of your injuries and Accidents. Our attorneys focuses on law suits connected to automobile accidents, automobile accidents, car accidents, benefits claims, tort claims, slip and fall injuries, wrongful death cases, insurance coverage conflicts, product liability and dog bites claims. Visit Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers website

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Testimonial Shannon was in a car accident and her parents hired Greg Neinstein

Testimonial for Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers from Shannon who was in a car accident, and her parents hired Greg Neinstein

It was kind of a regular, like night, I was coming home from, I was with a friend. I was on a date. I ditched him and went out with my friend. And we were just coming on our way home. I don't really remember, this is just three cars, and we were in the middle, and I just got hit. I was in the backseat, and I don't remember that, but I woke up two weeks later, and I was at Sunnybrook. That's how I ended up.

So I had a brain injury, traumatic brain injury, aneurysm, but then there were a bunch of little things as well. I, you know, lost my hearing in my right ear. I had some facial paralysis, which I still have — double vision. And then just like the little things that come with like having a brain injury, which is exhaustion and trouble focusing and attention and short term memory. Things that just really affect your day-to-day. Even if I didn't know that I had a brain injury until someone pointed it out to me. And then you start to notice things that are a little bit harder.

So they just met with him, and they had met with other people as well, but the reason they chose him was because he was the only one who actually asked, you know, how I was doing. And like the first thing, how is Shannon doing? And they were just like, Hey, great. And they went with him. So I had a lawyer and everything before I even knew what was going on. And I didn't meet Greg until I asked a couple of months later, and I was going through recovery. I just knew that he was there and he was helping.

Just peace of mind has been great knowing that I don't need to take care of a lot of, you know, the other stuff. You know that I only have to focus on rehab and getting back into school and having a regular life. So they have set me up with a really great team of physiotherapists, and support workers, and occupational therapy, and I have a great case worker. And they are people who work with Greg a lot.

Greg Neinstein is super friendly. He's really friendly and really energetic and really smart. And I think the most important thing is that he takes an interest in how you're doing and he wants to get to know you and he wants to help you as much as possible. And you know that he's going to work really hard for you.

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