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Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto is a law firm dedicated to helping Ontarians with all of their legal needs. Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers provides realistic options to the day-to-day challenges and problems you experience as an outcome of your injuries and Accidents. Our attorneys focuses on law suits connected to automobile accidents, automobile accidents, car accidents, benefits claims, tort claims, slip and fall injuries, wrongful death cases, insurance coverage conflicts, product liability and dog bites claims. Visit Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers website

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Testimonial Julian was in a motorcycle accident and he hired Greg Neinstein

Testimonial Julian was in a motorcycle accident and he hired Greg Neinstein

We were heading North on parliament street and going into the corner that leads onto the Dan forth and then across the blur street viaduct. And we are either clipped or, we clipped something that was nobody was sure. We ended up thrown from the motorcycle and under the wheels of an SUV.

I didn't want to deal with any lawyers, anything. I was very resistant to all of that. Then friends and family were pushing me and telling me, you know, because all the paperwork from the insurance company, you know, it was a labyrinth. And we didn't understand that, and they were turning us down for simple things left, right, and center. And it was obvious that I needed some help and a friend told me to give these guys a shout, and I did. And in retrospect, I'm incredibly glad that I did because I wouldn't be sitting here looking like this without their help.

Initially, they helped me get through the first amount of the paperwork. It made me realize what kind of services were available to me. They were responsible for so much from occupational therapists, physiotherapists, to having my eyes checked, and I see people on the streets now. I wouldn't have realized this before the accident. But I realize it now that I look at them. Before I might've thought, "Oh, he's messed up because of this or that, or some marginalization.". But now I recognize things like; "Oh, that person has been in an accident", "hasn't had the proper physiotherapy", or "hasn't had the proper care" and "now they're, they're dealt basically stuck with whatever infirmity it is for life" you know?.

And so I was very fortunate that I was able to connect with, I think Neinstein, specifically. Because I had heard about people's experience with other lawyers, and it didn't match what my experience with Neinstein.

Neinstein always kept me informed. Because one of my issues was, I want it to be in the loop. I didn't want to be in the dark about anything that was happening. They really took care to treat me with respect and dignity. And I definitely would consider the people that helped me at Neinstein that I dealt with at Neinstein to be friends. And I felt that they were in my corner, that we were part of a team together. You know, I felt comfortable.

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