Undergraduate DegreeShow 2019

Welcome to the Vimeo Channel for the Undergraduate Degree Show of the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA).


Reflection is a short film designed to be a visual metaphor signifying a journey, whether that is self-growth or self-development. The metaphor is visually told to the audience through a dimly lit star which falls from the sky and into a forest. The star then travels through the forest environment, gradually increasing in brightness and metaphorically developing in self-growth. Eventually, it sees its reflection in a lake at its full brightness, amongst the rest of the stars, before shooting back up into the sky. The star must overcome this journey through the forest so that it can reach its full development to go back up to the rest of the stars, where it belongs. I wanted to achieve a film that a lot of people can relate to; many individuals go through challenges in life that need to be overcome, and the challenges can end through time and self-growth. A group project created by Simran Kaur Matharu and Emese Surek.