Undergraduate DegreeShow 2019

Welcome to the Vimeo Channel for the Undergraduate Degree Show of the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA).

Swords of Damocles

Swords of Damocles is a theory-driven experimental animation that uses contemporary CGI technologies as ameans of engagement with contemporary queer discourses and aesthetics. Through the production of this short animated artefact, we aimed to explore post-modernist ideas of authorship, originality, photo-indexicality, formal intertextuality and queer aesthetics. By re-appropriating the visual trope of the Vanitas Still-Life, this animation ultimately aims to re-own the Christian pedagogy of mortality, and re-frame it by presenting an alternative take on the genre which is inspired by queer iconography, a camp aesthetic and portrays the ever-hanging sword of mortality in a contemporary, postAids epidemics, queer context. A group project created by Ferdinando Cocco and Nanna Lund Nielsen.