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Viking Village 2019

A Kaltenbach Productions and Viking Village Presentation

  1. Scalloper Kathy Ann Pack-Out

    A Viking Village and Kaltenbach Production presentation of the scallop boat the "Kathy Ann" unpack 18,000 lbs of the Wild North Atlantic Scallop. The Kathy Ann traveled to the Elephant Trunk off of Cape May. The Elephant Trunk is a federally designated closed area in the ocean where rotational harvesting of the scallop has been practiced for the past 15 years.
    Visit Viking Village, Barnegat Light, New Jersey, one of the premiere seafood production docks of the east coast.

  2. Viking Village Dock Tour

    Visit an active seafood production dock and educate yourself with the responsible fishing techniques.
    During the summer, Viking Village in Barnegat Light NJ offers a dock tour every Friday starting at 10:00 am. Meet us at the mural.

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