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Viking Village 2019

A Kaltenbach Productions and Viking Village Presentation

  1. DOGFISH Afternoon

    Beautiful day at the docks of Viking Village, Barnegat Light. Flew the drone capturing the unpacking of the spiney dogfish. A fish which is 100% utilized.

  2. Viking Village Seafood Production Dock

    On this rare day, all of the fishing vessels were docked at port. The north east winds blew at 20 to 30 mph and raised the surf to a violent 6' to 8' height.
    Kaltenbach Productions

  3. The Capt. John Scalloper Trailer 2

    Capt. Dane Knutson travels to the Elephant Trunk on the new Capt. John.
    Quick trip to collect beautiful 800 pounds of the North Atlantic Wild Scallop.

  4. The Scalloper Boat 'Capt. John' Teaser

  5. Viking Village Dock Tour_NJDA Doug Fisher

    Viking Village Seafood Production Dock hosted a fantastic dock tour this past week. We had the pleasure of the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture, Doug Fisher, experience the tremendous activity in one of the state's largest seaport, Viking Village Barnegat Light.

  6. Capt. Mike Johnson / The Sea Farmer

    Seasoned fisherman Capt. Mike Johnson gives an overview account of how well the tile fish industry is sustaining. The Sea Farmer packed out 8000 lbs of beautiful golden tile. The crew and Mike traveled to the west side of the Hudson Canyon. The state of affairs of the tile fish fishery according to the captain looks great.

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