Don Smith - Camera and Video Editor / 214-497-7825
Dallas, Texas
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I've been a full-time freelance network news cameraman and video editor for many years.

Here you'll find both network news and industrial videos I've shot or edited or both.

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  1. Demise of the Drive-In Movie

    I shot, wrote, edited and voiced this story about the demise of the drive-in movie theater.

  2. Country Swing Competition

    Country swing groups compete in Snyder, Texas. Shot, written, narrated and edited by Don Smith of

  3. Bob Wills in Turkey, Texas

    Bob Wills wasn't born in Turkey, Texas, but he was a barber there just before he became famous. Shot, written, narrated and edited by Don Smith for The News of Texas.

  4. Green Star, Texas

    I shot, edited, wrote and voiced this story on Buffalo, Texas and how the town changed it's name temporarily to Green Star, Texas when the Dallas Stars were in the Stanley Cup playoffs against Buffalo, New York.

  5. TI - LaunchPad Ecosystem

    This was done entirely in Apple Motion. Graphics and editing by Don Smith

  6. Move Animation.mp4

    Animated open for videos for Move Studio