Don Smith - Camera and Video Editor / 214-497-7825
Dallas, Texas
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I've been a full-time freelance network news cameraman and video editor for many years.

Here you'll find both network news and industrial videos I've shot or edited or both.

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  1. Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell

    I shot this story for NBC Nightly News.

  2. Drowning Puppy

    Working as a network news cameraman during the big flood of 1993, I was faced with trying to help a puppy struggling to stay out of the water.

  3. Little Rock Radio

    I shot this story for NBC Nightly News about a radio station in Little Rock where you pick the music you want to hear and then YOU play it!

  4. Demise of the Drive-In Movie

    I shot, wrote, edited and voiced this story about the demise of the drive-in movie theater.

  5. CBS Sunday Morning - Mulshoe, Texas

    Shot by Don Smith for CBS Sunday morning. Bill Geist reports on Maggie Reynolds who hosts the Muletrain News from her upstairs bedroom on Cable Channel Six in Muleshoe, Texas.

  6. Muleshoe, TX, TV Station

    "Just move here, and you too will live 18 miles from Earth!"

    That's Maggie Reynolds, who runs a TV channel in Muleshoe, Texas from her upstairs bedroom. Shot, written, narrated and edited by Don Smith of