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Welcome to the Supporting Member Webinar Page. A webinar is like a public topical seminar but you watch it online, in the privacy of your home. You can also watch on your mobile device. You can watch these webinars anytime and as often as you wish. They cover important topics that speak to the Christian life.

Dismantling Self-Reliance, Overcoming Unbelief

Self-reliance is the self-deceiving and isolating process of trying to be stronger and stronger while resisting the help of other people, especially help from the Lord. It is a sinful desire to build a lifestyle and reputation that releases a person from trusting God. The self-reliant person lives in a fantasy world. It is not real-world because it is an impossible feat to achieve. In this webinar, Rick presents the self-reliant worship structure, dismantles it, and provides a practical gospel-centered solution that teaches you how to rely on God.

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