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"Bridge to Nowhere"

A David Kaltenbach Film
A man's refusal to accept the 'MARK of the BEAST."

"Bridge to Nowhere" is about the desperate and painful experiences of an individual as he faces the frightening realization that the end of mankind, as we all know it, is not only upon him but us all. Daniel Teague, the protagonist of our story, goes through a series of events that drastically change his life. The Rapture, the instantaneous disappearance of Christians from Earth, occurs leaving Daniel behind. What follows includes the trials and tribulations of mankind under the government of the New World Order, a group dedicated to the extinction of the Christian religion as we know it. Through Daniels experiences and obstacles presented to him, including the relentless tyranny of Cain and his henchman, Isaac, Daniel refuses to accept a universal microchip implant that will control his every move. He escapes the clutches of the evil, omnipotent regime, races to momentary freedom, as he joins fellow resistors by going underground. Through betrayal Daniel eventually is captured leaving him in a life or death situation where he must decide what he truly believes in. His decision, and the results of it are very moving and will stay with the audience long after the movie has left the scene.

  1. Bridge to Nowhere

    Shot on 35mm film, the compelling movie follows the trials and tribulation of a man's refusal to accept the mark of the beast.

  2. Bridge to Nowhere Official Trailer

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