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The Ties that Bind Us

For a human-centered organization, it of course makes perfect sense that our inner core, the magma at the center of our earth, is our people. Put most simply, IDEO is all about our talent: finding, supporting, keeping, growing and nurturing them, not to mention, inspiring, supporting and enabling them once they’re inside. We are all in the business of design and innovation, and our overall success is dependent on the overlaps between everyone’s skills.

We are, all of us, creative people at IDEO. Some practice design, some do not. Operations, finance, marcom, design and IT - all have a vital role to play in keeping us great and helping achieve our purpose of creating impact.

We recently asked seven teams in IDEO studios around the world to bring to life one of the core values that we all share and implicitly expect from each other.

Take Ownership

A problem-solving IDEOer shows us how to ░ake Ownership in Mumbai.

The Team:
Zubin Pastakia
Randy Plemel

George Joseph
Divya Viswanathan
Tarun Rawat
Randy Plemel
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mannequin on the Move

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