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Proposal Video
We love filming marriage proposals. Every time we play these at wedding celebrations, guest become so emotional. We will scout the location in advance with our groom and plan the logistics. This will include where we will hide our cameras and a time to hid a wireless microphone on our groom. These are always so much fun. 800.495.5530

  1. James and his Surprise Proposal of Marriage to Esperanza at Citrus State Park. It's a Yes!
    Months of planning, scouting locations and the creation of a special memory book all came together as planned by the handsome James as he proposed to the beautiful Esperanza while both families carefully hid behind hedges after placing balloons along the walkway to the Gazebo.

    Yes, he was nervous and no, she could not remember a word he said during the proposal. And yes, there was a drone in the air which James was able to convince her was actually bees.

    Godfather Films was proud to film this very special moment.

  2. Brad Proposes Marriage to Lindsay in Newport Beach
    When Brad decided to surprise his girlfriend Lindsay with a marriage proposal, he wisely turned to his future sister-in-law and professional event planner Laura to plan his proposal.

    Everything was planned to happen on Newport Beach at sunset but Lindsay’s son’s excellent pitching performance resulted in his little league baseball team advancing to and winning a championship at the same time.

    With only a couple hours to pivot, Laura arranged for an alternate location and still kept it a surprise for everyone, including both sets of parents.

    We love working for this family and we hope you enjoy watching this romantic marriage proposal as much as we enjoyed filming it.

    Congratulations Brad and Lindsay!

    Godfather Films

  3. Laura + Derek, Our Proposal
    Park City, Utah

  4. Johana + Naz - Surprise Rooftop Proposal of Marriage at the Riverside Art Museum
    Everybody loves a surprise marriage proposal. Naz planned and executed this proposal perfectly! Filmed on location at the Riverside Art Museum and viewed live at the Graduation Party in the Museum below. Not only was Johana surprised, all of the invited guests watching live at the party were also treated to a big surprise.

  5. Engaged! A Romantic Proposal // Taylor + Shane
    You will love the look of surprise on Taylor's face when she realizes this is the moment. Shane carefully planned the perfect romantic proposal complete with candles, rose petals and an ocean view at sunset. With plenty of help from family and friends, the perfect plan came together like clockwork. Be sure to enjoy the deleted scenes at the end of the film. Congratulations to the whole family. Proposal location: Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach adjacent to Las Brisas Restaurant.