Jubilee Reflections of Korean American Catholics

November 14, 2015
DePaul University

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Korean American Catholics, scholars from various fields came together to present their theological reflections on the origin, current existence & future contributions of this community.

Although Korean immigration to the U.S. is over a century old, the Archdiocese of San Francisco officially recognized the presence of Catholics of Korean descent on April 27, 1966. Thus, the upcoming year of 2016 is a historic occasion to honor the memory of the initial immigrants as well as the maturation process; such reflections are needed in both church & society to complement the European social & religious experience since the revision of immigration laws in 1965.


~ Hoon Choi (Assistant Professor of Theology, Bellarmine University—Louisville, KY)
~ Andrew Kim (Assistant Professor of Theology, Walsh University—Canton, OH)
~ Simon C. Kim (Assistant Professor of Theology, Our Lady of Holy Cross College—New Orleans)
~ James Lee (Assistant Professor of Theology, Southern Methodist University—Dallas)
~ Paul Lee (Pastor, Shrine of St. Jude–Rockville, MD)
~ Franklin Rausch (Associate Professor of History, Lander University—Greenwood, SC)

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