Philip Glass; On the road

Contemporary music composer Philip Glass is now seventy-eight years old but seems unstoppable. He is always working, always traveling and after many years he still has success on his side. His shows in the big international music temples are always sold-out. These international concert halls are not only filled with Glass fans from the first hour, but also with many new and young fans.
He is always working, Philip Glass, the man who became famous thanks to his 'minimal music' with which he managed to bridge the traditional gap between classical and popular music.He founded the Philip Glass Ensemble in 1968 and ever since he has tirelessly continued to build on an enormous oeuvre consisting of operas,
symphonies, film scores, concertos and many other pieces of music, including masterpieces such as 'Einstein on the Beach' and 'Koyaanisqatsi'.

Philip Glass - On the road

Directors Manon Lichtveld and Bas Westerhof followed and filmed Glass 'on the road’ for an entire year. Their documentary paints a picture of an artist who ardently travels around the world, but who remarkably, and also imperturbably and similar to the dedication of a monk, continues to work on his music wherever he is. Whether on a plane or in a hotel room, Glass sticks to his routine of composing. Wherever he is and whatever musicians and conductors he works with, he always exudes the same concentration. Lichtveld en Westerhof also met the composer at his home base in New York. Here he regularly returns to enjoy some moments of relaxation with his two young sons and, of course… more work. In the tranquility of his New York study, he tells the filmmakers that he, as the son of a father with a record store, from a young age already understood that music needs to be paid for. This knowledge not only demonstrates that Glass is known as an artistic genius, but also - thanks to his own music publishing business and record label - as a smart businessman.

World Premiere: 21 of May 2015 Dutch Television

Photography: Bas Westerhof Director & editor: Manon Lichtveld, Colorist: Max Vonk Sound Post Production: Jaim Sahuleka Commissioning Editor AVRO/TROS Marijke Huijbregts Producer: Bas Westerhof, Beat the Dutch Films.
Philip Glass is a production of Beat the Dutch Films in co-production with AVRO/TROS (Independent Dutch Public Service Broadcaster) and was made with the support of COBO Dutch Film fonds