Zen in Golf Mental Training at Grand Palms GC. Come and do it with me Meditations from January, the Thursday night

What difficulties do you have in your golf game? Do you they cause frustration? yout aims well with your shot to the green?, how many regulations do per round? Is your driver always on the fairway?

The solution is near you ...
The Zen in Golf Plan is a mental training program for golfers who desire to make a change in their game, play at a higher level, and in turn, achieve mental peace in every aspect of personal and professional life. This program is a completely different concept and approach than the typical golf lesson.

My name is Ivan Mayor and I have been a professional golf instructor for the past 15 years, am a 6th degree Shotokan Black Belt and Zen Master. I am the founder of the Antioquia Karate League, Co-founder of the National Columbian Karate Federation and founder of the World Organization Zen Movement. I have led Pan-American Karate Tournaments and have trained World Karate Champions.

With the Meditations Zen, and Golf Mental Training Program, participants will learn to integrate the mind, body and golf club, gain control of emotions and physical abilities, increase the power of the Inner Energy Ki, which feeds the Mind and the Body in control of the Golf Club and Swing Movement.

The objective of the Zen in Golf Mental Training Program is to develop peace, which allows inner calm, which allows one to have mental control, which translates to control of Swing Movement. With Inner Peace you gain Control, with Control you gain Confidence, with Confidence you gain control over your body Movement, your club and your score!

The Zen 21 Plan has been designed specifically for PGA High Competition Professionals, Active Professionals, Pro Instructors, Pro Applicants, Single-digit Amateurs, and Golfers who wish to obtain an improvement in their game.

Zen in Golf Plan Description and Cost in the web page: es español zeninmovement.com/perfil-2/zen-en-golf-programa-entrenamiento-mental/ En English zeninmovement.com/perfil-2/zen-in-golf-mental-training-to-florida/

Note: The Course is in English and Spanish

I thank you for your time, if you are interested in my program or have questions, please contact me.

Ivan Mayor
Zen Master and Pro Golf Coach
ivanmayor@gmail.com zeninmovement.com Resume: zeninmovement.com/about-us/

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