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Zenfilm Music Videos

Music videos from the creative team at Zenfilm.

Southern Backtones "Slumber Party" Music Video

Inspired by spaghetti westerns...two French girls decide to look for adventure in the Wild West. Traveling light, they pack just the essentials, lingerie, champagne, large caliber weapons, you know the story.

In the first video from Southern Backtones new "La Vie En Noir" CD. The Southern Backtones provide the score to a little film we like to call "Slumber Party."

A beautifully dark, indie rock adventure that we hope you enjoy.

Starring: The Southern Backtones
Introducing: Emilie Dejonckheere and Rebecca Bertot
Guest Appearances by: Johnny Falstaff, Skepticynic, Dan Workman, Nikola Augsberger and Steve Christensen.

Film Production: Zenfilm
Produced by: Merideth Melville
Unit Production Manager: Jarrod Gullett
Directors: W. Ross Wells, Hank Schyma
Director of Photography:
First AD: Tracy Jemison
First AC: Justin DeGuire
Gaffer: Rolf Eberlein
Key: David Zenteno
Best: Mike Turrin
PA: Francisco "Cole" Calza V
Editorial: W. Ross Wells, Scott Marett, Hank Schyma

Filmed in and around Langtry "Law West of the Pecos" Texas and at SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston.

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