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Travel Videos

When the travel bug bites, it’s sometimes hard to stay home. Many people work hard for most of the year, and they look forward to enjoying some leisure time each year, often traveling to a vacation spot or to visit friends and family. Travel can be an escape from the norm, an adventure, or a voyage. It may be a journey to explore new horizons or a relaxing trip to a single destination. This Travel Portfolio features a series of travel destination videos.

Modes of travel include cars, buses, trains, ships, and airplanes. Available vacation time and cost may affect where, and how long, someone can travel. Some people like to travel to a destination, such as a Caribbean island, and stay on the beach all week. Other people would rather go from place to place, stopping to see scenery, cities, historical sites, or even family and friends.

Going by car is the most common way to travel. Cars efficiently take us, and our belongings, from place to place. The whole family can fit their stuff in a car, which can become a temporary home on wheels. Traveling by car, there are major highways to be traversed, country lanes and roads to meander along, bridges to cross, and mountains to climb.

Senior citizens frequently take bus tours. They travel to historical sites, city museums, and theaters. They may also travel to see sights such as Autumn foliage in New England or the Amish country in Pennsylvania. These tour buses stop at prearranged restaurants, hotels, and shopping sites.

Long distance trains travel between main cities and across the country. Commuter trains connect cities with their suburbs in a local area. Some trains travel through spectacular scenery where highways do not have access. A train trip is an adventure in itself, without all the work of doing the driving.

Cruise ships provide an all-in-one vacation solution. Accommodations, food, relaxation, and entertainment activities are packaged together for one price. These cruises often go to beautiful warm-weather locations, with stops along the way for passengers to explore local islands. Other cruises go to places like Alaska, where passengers can view glaciers, beautiful scenery, and wildlife.

Most long distance travel is done by airplane. Jets and other airplanes, flown by dozens of airlines, circumnavigate the globe. Air travel is relatively fast, and passengers end up having more time to spend at their destinations than those who travel by other modes of transportation.