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Sports Videos

Sports play a growing role in our everyday lives. They are often categorized as either team sports or individual sports. Sports can be played with a ball or with other types of sports equipment. There are running sports, water sports, and even stationary sports. Certain sports are played during particular seasons of the year, and major sports teams and sporting events are widely broadcast and supported by their fans. This Sports Portfolio features a series of sports-themed videos.

Sports are played on all types of terrain and in all kinds of venues. Popular summertime sports include golf, tennis, and beach volleyball. Water sports include surfing, swimming, and diving; underwater sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving are especially enjoyable in tropical waters. Racing sports and equestrian sports appeal to large fan bases. Many team sports have junior leagues that introduce these sports to children. Air sports range from ballooning and hang gliding to paragliding and kite flying. There are even endurance sports like cross-country skiing, rowing, marathons, and triathlons.

Sports can be played as pickup games in a park or a backyard. They are played from beginner skill levels all the way up to Olympic and professional levels. Though the rules for each sport are usually similar worldwide, some countries have their own rules for certain sports. Many sports games are refereed by game officials, to help ensure fair play.