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Gardening Videos

Gardening is satisfying work whose end result can be a beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. It often provides a change of pace from the everyday hustle and bustle. Of course a garden can be a commercial occupation, producing produce and flowers to sell. But most often we think of gardening as working a plot of land around a home, consisting of shrubs, flowerbeds, and vegetable and herb gardens. This Gardening Portfolio features a series of garden-themed videos.

Gardens develop over time. They are the means by which we control our surroundings and make the land our own. Planning and planting a garden is a time-consuming process. Generally we start with a vision of what we want the garden to look like. From there, we plan the space, lay out the hardscaping materials, and prepare the soil. At this point, we can choose plants that will enhance the garden throughout the year and bring our vision to reality.

Plan a garden that plays to your emotions. Use color, fragrance, and foliage to set the garden image desired. Some gardens are a riot of color; others are designed to simply provide healthy food. One garden is calm and relaxing, a place to sit and reflect; another garden area may surround a patio or deck used for entertaining or dining alfresco. Use vistas and views to advantage. Add shape to a garden with paths, shrubs, and trees, as well as pots, fountains, and furniture. Add lighting to create evening drama or romance.

Plan a garden that fits the contour of the land and the overall mood of the area where it’s located. Plants that are native to an area will thrive better without a lot of daily attention. Choose a garden style and size that fits your maintenance schedule. A low-maintenance garden may be the best choice for a busy executive. Once retired, he can add plants and flowers that need more attention.

Gardening not only provides exercise and is a productive pastime, but if not too intense and time consuming, it also provides a pleasant place to live and relax outdoors.