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Furniture Videos

Furniture plays a large role in meeting our seating, sleeping, and storage requirements. For both public buildings and homes, there are many alternatives to choose from so that the furniture will fit the function of a room or area. This Furniture Portfolio features a series of videos about furniture.

Commercial furniture is produced for use in offices and classrooms, as well as in other public buildings such as libraries, hospitals, and government establishments. Desks, chairs, and bookcases are the primary types of furniture used in these settings. Commercial furniture is available in various price ranges and quality levels.

Furniture for the home is often chosen for its style, function, durability, and versatility. Many people coordinate their furniture style, whether contemporary, traditional, or country, with the style of their home. When selecting furniture, lifestyle considerations are also important. For example, are there children or pets to accommodate? Is entertaining casual or formal? Home furniture is also available at various prices and qualities.

Furniture for seating is available in both upholstered and occasional styles. Upholstered chairs include club-type chairs, and recliners. Most sofas provide seating for two or three people. Some sofas have firm backs; others have attached or loose pillow backs. Sofas often feature skirts or carved feet. Occasional chairs are smaller than upholstered chairs, and they usually have wooden arms and legs. Other chairs, especially for dining, are made from wood, or even metal and plastic, components.

Furniture for sleeping includes beds with headboards and footboards as well as platform beds, futons, and bunk beds. Convertible sofas are built with a pullout bed for use in small spaces.

Furniture for storage, also known as case goods, includes bookcases, tables, desks, chests, armoires, and cabinets. These items are usually made of wood. Case goods are found throughout the house and are often used to store clothing, food, or household supplies. They can also serve as entertainment center components or even as room dividers.

Furniture can be sourced worldwide. Regional and cultural styles add interest to a room.

Girl Sits on a Couch Doing Homework

A little girl does her homework while she sits on a red, leather couch. This video clip appears in context on this web page.