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Foods Videos

Food is necessary for our survival. However, we eat food for both its nutritional value and its satisfying effects on our senses of sight, smell, and taste. With today’s modern packaging, transportation, and refrigeration technologies, a vast selection of foods is available internationally. This Foods Portfolio features a series of food-related videos.

Supermarkets offer the broadest array of food products. Colorful produce can be sourced internationally. We can enjoy leafy and root vegetables, fresh herbs, and tropical fruits at their seasonal best. Farmers’ markets worldwide also offer fresh fruits and vegetables when in season. Many types of cheese products, of foreign and domestic origin, are also available in small specialty shops. Butter, both domestic and imported, ranges from unsalted varieties to those that are made from organic grass-fed cow’s milk.

Butchers, fishermen, supermarkets, and even organic farmers offer a good selection of meat and seafood. Fish now comes from around the world, flown in fresh overnight. Unusual cuts of meat, such as ostrich or kangaroo, as well as the usual beef, pork, and lamb, are not difficult to find. Poultry and eggs are popular nutrition choices. Chicken often comes cut up and ready to cook. Some of it is already cooked for immediate use. Eggs are not only sold by size and grade, but are also produced to contain omega-3 fatty acids and higher amounts of vitamins, based on what feed the chickens receive.

In times past, chocolate, nuts, and sugar were eaten primarily on special occasions, but they are now readily available all year. Coffee and tea are mostly sourced internationally and processed for beverages. Grains, dried beans, lentils, peas, and rice are staple foods used worldwide. These are basically edible seeds that are often made into products such as bread, pasta, noodles, and wrappers. And we shouldn’t forget the various oils and vinegars that are used for cooking, condiments, and sauces.

Chefs tend to experiment with new and unusual foods. But with the wide variety of foods now readily available at our local stores, home cooks can branch out and cook with different foods as well.