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Exercise Videos

Regular exercise has many benefits, including improving mood, boosting energy levels, controlling weight, and improving sleep. Exercising delivers oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues, helping the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently. Experts say that people should get at least thirty minutes of physical activity each day. This Exercise Portfolio features a series of exercise-themed videos.

Types of exercise include flexibility training, aerobic exercise, and anaerobic exercise. Flexibility exercises, such as stretching, improve the range of motion in your muscles and joints. Aerobic exercise focuses on long-term cardiovascular endurance, while anaerobic exercise focuses on short-term muscle strength. It is healthiest to intersperse these types of exercise with each other rather than to focus solely on one type.

For some, exercise may mean going to a gym and working out according to a specific workout schedule. For others, exercise may simply mean participating in various sports and recreational activities. Many athletes obtain their cardiovascular activity through sports practices and games, alternating days with weight training.

Though exercise has many positive effects, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Those who perpetually train for high-endurance tasks, like running marathons, may be at a higher risk for heart failure. Some exercises, though good and beneficial, can harm the body if practiced incorrectly. Before beginning any new exercise or workout program, do some research and be sure that you are performing the exercises as intended so that you help your body instead of harming it.

Exercise can be fun and enjoyable! Take some time today and go for a walk in a park or join in a pickup game of soccer with some friends. Go hiking, or take a swim. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are worth it!