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Cycling Videos

Cycling is a sport that is not only a source of exercise but provides relaxation and enjoyment as well. This Cycling Portfolio features a series of cycling-themed videos.

Bicycle shops have sprung up to supply riders with many bicycle and accessory choices. Not only do they provide BMX, mountain, and road bikes but they also fit riders with safety equipment and offer bicycle parts and repair services.

Safety is an important issue for cyclists. A bicycle should be sized to fit the rider. Tires should be inflated properly, and brakes and gears should be adjusted accurately and work efficiently. A bicycle mechanic knows how to accomplish these tasks. He also knows how to properly size bicycles to their riders and make sure a bicycle helmet fits properly. Police departments may also have bicycle safety events for young riders.

Many bicycle riders spend vacation time taking bicycle tours. Groups of riders spend time traveling through the countryside during the warmer weather. Winter ski slopes also become places for mountain bike riding in the summer.

Competitive riding appeals to some riders. Teams are formed to compete with each other and are often sponsored by bicycle industry manufacturers or by a bicycle shop itself. Road bikes are used in bicycle races. The races may follow a route through the countryside or along blocked-off city streets. It’s quite a sight to watch a pack of riders streak past during a race. Stay behind the barriers as they ride by, and then have the thrill of seeing who wins at the finish line!

Young Cyclist Riding a BMX Bike

Against a red background, a young cyclist rides a BMX bicycle. This video clip appears in context on this web page.