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Construction Videos

Construction involves putting together smaller parts into a whole, most frequently in the context of constructing residential housing and other buildings. An entire industry, with workers ranging from architects and general contractors to tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers, has evolved to accomplish various construction tasks. This Construction Portfolio features a series of construction-related videos.

The construction process usually starts with a design concept. Whether designed by an artist or an architect, the concept plans are frequently rendered on a computer. These plans are then followed to complete the construction of the project or item. The do-it-yourselfer may use a plan to remodel a bathroom or kitchen, or he may use it to simply lay out floor tile in a specific design. Building a house or commercial building requires an architect to address many issues such as structural support, materials, installation of mechanical systems, and general layout of living and working areas. The architect typically works with a general contractor who ensures that his workers have the skills and tools they need to complete the project. The general contractor will also address safety issues on the job site.

Construction knowledge is also needed for items such as lighting, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and furniture. Most of these items are designed and manufactured at their own factory locations and then installed at the work site. When planning and construction are carefully executed and integrated, the end result is a pleasing area for living and working.