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Cities Videos

A city visit can be the high point of a vacation or even a school field trip. This Cities Portfolio features a series of videos that highlight points of interest in major USA cities. On these videos, you may notice that cities mainly consist of buildings, sometimes very tall skyscrapers. The grouping of these buildings often presents an interesting skyline. Some cities are quickly recognizable by their skylines.

Cities have avenues, streets, and highways that provide access to the buildings. But in large cities, these roads are often congested with traffic, so public transportation may also be available in the form of buses, commuter trains, and even subways. Many cities are located near rivers and other bodies of water; restaurants, tourist attractions, street vendors, and boating activities are often located along these rivers. Lit up at night on a summer’s eve, these waterfront destinations can be quite romantic.

Historical buildings are often found in older parts of a city. Guided tours may be available in these areas. Then, too, there are some streets that are just fun to explore. They may be lined with upscale stores and restaurants, or they may twist and turn to open up unexpected sights.

Selling Flowers on a City Street

A flower vendor sell flowers on a city street. This video appears in context on this web page.