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Boating Videos

Sail in and anchor at a city harbor or marina. Explore new mooring sites in an isolated cove or riverbank. This Boating Portfolio features a series of boating-related videos.

People who love water, in the form of lakes, rivers, and oceans, are drawn to all sorts of boating activities. They may have the pleasure of owning a boat themselves or they may travel on a boat that someone else owns.

Cruises are an option for those who want to vacation with all the services and activities of a grand tour but with none of the work. These cruises access beautiful and unusual places and act as floating hotels for their guests. Cruise ships are large, ocean-going vessels that can navigate the oceans of the world. Smaller cruising vessels ply inland lakes and rivers.

Boat ownership could mean owning a small rowboat, a powerboat, a sailboat, or even a luxury yacht. Whatever type of boat is chosen, the owner or captain should be well trained to operate it safely. For maximum enjoyment, the boat size and style should be suited to its intended use.

Commercial fishermen need fishing boats that are large enough to handle a crew and all the equipment necessary to land a large haul of fish, clams, or scallops. Party boats can carry a group of fishers on a chartered fishing expedition.

For all types of boating activities, safety is an important consideration. Be sure that sufficient lifeboats or life jackets are available before embarking on a boat trip or engaging in any boating activity.