Jeremy Noye

I guess you could say… I am a product of my surroundings. Growing up in a farming community of central Pennsylvania, I spent many days on my family’s farm; plus many hours in my parent’s restaurants. Add to that my father’s passion for travel and no wonder I decided to enter the world of food and wine. For me there no other profession that allows me to combine my love of food, wine and travel. After spending 10yrs in some of NYC’s most noted restaurants it was time to work solely with Wine in a capacity that allows me to share my thoughts and knowledge of food and wine with others.

5 years and counting now at Zachys, I’ve quickly added my stamp on the stores selections with my areas of buying and promoting extending to basically all major categories that Zachys has a primary focus on. As the wine buyer and one of the voices of Zachys I am constantly tasting, traveling and speaking with winemakers and/or importers on what is available out there; what should we be expecting and what should they be doing to get us all more wine. It is a role I love and one that is constantly changing as one can never know it all when it comes to wine.

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