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A showcase from Retroscope Media

  1. Beard's Company. i48 '11.

    This short film was entirely produced within 48 hours, as part of the short film competition i48 2011.

    Winner of Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Film for the Open division.

    Our requirements were the following:
    Genre: Comedy
    Character: Mark/ Marge Polk, therapist
    Prop: Tweezers
    Dialogue: “It’s a mystery to me.”

    Directed by Zach Voss
    Director of Photography Glenn Landberg
    Produced by Bronwyn Leslie
    Original Soundtrack by Daniel Kerr
    Edited by Zach Voss
    2nd Camera and Sound by Zach Voss
    Hair by Bronwyn Leslie & Georgia Gelder

    Dusty Aunan as Hank
    Lina Chambers as Marge Polk
    Ian Jerome as Mark Polk
    Nob Warnock as The Boss
    Aaron Kiefer as Cliffy
    Matt Gilkerson as Radar
    Glenn Landberg as The Heat

    Special Thanks
    Club Max at Double Tree
    The Reuseum
    Boise State Student Media

  2. Object of Affection - i48 '10

    Winner of Best Cinematography, Best Actor and Best Film in the novice division. Created by team Moving Parts in the Idaho 48 hour film competition.

    We were assigned the following:
    Genre: Comedy.
    Character: Hank Lewis, dancer.
    Prop: Butterfly net.
    Line: "Where's the magic in that?"

  3. Five O'Clock Buoy

    This short film was created after one mans decision to shave a 9 month beard. This is his story.
    To see his beard 8 months ago, and gain insight into his tale, watch this:

    Written, Directed, Edited and Narrated by Zach Voss.
    Director of Photography Glenn Landberg.
    Starring Dusty Aunan and, Annette?
    Vocal coach: Gracie Bingham.

    Music; Gavin Bryars-Glorious Hill. Gustav Holst-Venus & Mars.