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Yara Travieso is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, filmmaker, and choreographer creating large scale performances and films. A recipient of the 2019 United States Artist Fellowship, a Creative Capital award, The NALAC Grant via The Ford Foundation, Travieso is a graduate of The Juilliard School and the co-founder of the Borscht Film Festival. Her works have been presented with NYC’s Park Avenue Armory’s Drill Hall, Lincoln Center, SXSW, Film Society, Miami Film Festival, and commissioned by Hermes, Glamour, Elle, among others.

  1. SET

    Choreography and Video Installation by Yara Travieso
    Score, sound design, and fellow musician, Jerome Begin
    Collaboration with The New World Symphony

    Dancers: Esmé Boyce, Giula Carotenuto, Carlye Eckert, Mannelich Minniefee, Christopher Ralph
    Collaborating Artists: Darren Hoffman (Technical Director and DP), Fabiola Arias (Costume), Chat Travieso (Architectural Rendering), Ryan Hartley (Illustrator).

    Live concert for electronically processed string ensemble, multi-channel video projection and five dancers with a microphone. Presented by The New World Symphony.
    SET is a site-specific work that delves into ideas of tension and seeks to trigger a sense of disorientation from within. A free fall into the unfamiliar, audience members sit anywhere in the 360 degree performance and multichannel video projection space. SET references cinematic genres of horror, sci-fi, and psychological thriller within each of its 8 episodes, tapping into the viewer’s fears of the unknown.


    ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE 2012, 4min loop
    Public installation and opera performance. Presented by YoungArts and The Dorsch Gallery.

    The work consists of two elevated structures architecturally personifying Orpheus and Eurydice of Greek mythology. In the myth, Orpheus, a musician with god-like talent, travels to the underworld to retrieve his wife, the nymph Eurydice. With his music he softens the heart of Hades, who permits him to return with his wife, on the condition that he walk ahead and not look back until they have both exited the underworld. He emerges and looks back before Eurydice crosses over, and, in doing so loses her forever. The tower representing Orpheus provides a stage for an aria from Monteverdi’s “L’Orfeo”. At various points in time throughout the fair, the musical performances will take the forms of either a live acoustic solo or a digital projection with audio. The performer references the myth by facing away from the audience, utilizing a large satellite dish. The parabolic shape of the dish focuses the music and transmits it some 90 feet away to an audience in a pastoral opera box tower, acting as Eurydice.

    Collaboration between Yara Travieso
    Architect/Artist: Chat Travieso
    Artist: Brookhart Jonquil
    Singer: Kunya Rowley


    Director of Photography, photographer, Danilo Hess
    Director and Editor, Yara Travieso
    Music, Tranimal

    Model Isabeau at New York Models
    Styling by Angela Esteban Librero
    Makeup by Roberto Morrelli for Nars Cosmetics at Link
    Hair by Thanos Samaras at L’Atelier

    Second DP Abe Halpert
    Assistant Director Sean Waltrous
    Production Assistant James Yarusinsky
    Production Assistant Michael Stewart
    Production Assistant Antonella Alberti

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    Eres pale blue bikini

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    Eleven Objects collar with sleeves
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