Light Installations

Expansive Field closing performance, "Drawing Light" by Jaanika Peerna within Christine Sciulli's Projected Line

Closing performance at Christine Sciulli's Expansive Field Residency at the Southfork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton, NY, May 2013. Jaanika Peerna, a visual and movement artist performs in "Drawing Light" a collaboration by Jaanika Peerna and Christine Sciulli' within Sciulli's Projected Line video installation.

The Expansive Field Project included large scale indoor and outdoor projection installations, interactive sound/light projects, invited guest artist-performers, workshops, and educational outreach.

Three performers were invited to interact with my installations during special performances: Composer-vocalist Cecilie Hafstad Richards (20 April 2013 Opening Event), Visual/Movement artist Jaanika Peerna, and Philosopher-composer-author David Rothenberg (25 May 2013 Closing Event).

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