ANR 2020/21 Stations

ANR 2020/21 Stations
The United Nations General Assembly has designated January 27th as a day of “international commemoration” in memory of the victims of the holocaust. The UN resolution was co-sponsored by the United States with the mission to help ensure that the international community will “never again” allow such a crime against humanity.

“A Nation Remembers” is a special presentation of the official state ceremony of Israel honoring the heroes and the martyrs of the Holocaust.

This year due to covid restrictions that affected the the ceremony, we are providing two informative and meaningful programs that can air in lieu of ANR on or during the week of January 27.

The National Religious broadcasters in partnership with NRBTV , the ICEJ Germany and Christian Friends of Yad Vashem is making these programs available for broadcast on January 27th in support of the International Day of Remembrance.

You are free to be able to air one or both of the programs on your station or network.

  1. Daughter of Many Mothers

    The Story of Rena Quint

  2. Remember for the Future

    Fascination Israel
    Shows what is otherwise not shown