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The Second Appearing of Christ

With Given O. Blakely

The Second Appearing of Christ

Hope is central in the life of faith. Without it, believers would echo the words of the Apostle Paul and become “of all men most miserable”. The person of Christ and the words of the gospel promote hope and confidence when they are received. As attention is centered on the coming of the Lord, there is a wonderful confirmation of hope. Because the redemption that is in Christ Jesus is designed to “deliver from this present evil world”(Gal 1:4) and prepare for “the world to come” (Heb 2:5), a working understanding of the Lord’s return is imperative.

The Second Appearing Of Christ - Lesson 9 - Keep the Commandment Until Then!

Obedience and diligence play central roles in the redemptive economy. Many have wrestled with imperfections in this area. As a result, doubts have flooded their minds. In Lesson Nine, Brother Blakely relates the coming of the Lord to being obedient - providing a powerful incentive to faithfulness.