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Public Portfolio

This portfolio is for commissioned projects from clients that can be shared publicly. All work shown can be freely distributed - although the rights remain with the publisher and owner.

  1. Mobilize Web video

    Short video for Mobilize CEO to add to their website. Filmed in Geneva.

  2. Information Hiding: Challenges for Forensic Experts

    Promotion video for CACM on the January 2018 review article: Information Hiding: Challenges for Forensic Experts, by Wojciech Mazurczyk Wojciech Mazurczyk and Steffen Wendzel

  3. Je suis Charlie Manifestation a Ferney Voltaire 11 Janvier 2015

    In January there was a large demonstration in Ferney after the killings of the Charlie Hebdo staff in Paris.
    Several thousand people came onto the streets to express their emotions.

  4. Anamorphose Danse : Saison 2017 - 2018

  5. Heartsarrows

  6. Championnats du Monde de Godille 2017

    Petit vidéo on La 7ème édition des Championnats du Monde de Godille. Avec la fabuleuse chanteuse, Marina Razanasoa de Madagascar