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Willian Aleman - Documentary Trailers

Directed & Edited
Willian Aleman

Vivian Martinez
W. Aleman

Boni Raposo - Dominican Criollo Music - Trailer

To watch the seven part documentary, please visit the link below:

Director & Editor: Willian Aleman

Biographical and representative documentary.

By following the life and legacy of the departed Dominican percussionist Boni Raposo, the documentary describes the curve of the popular music movement of the Dominican Republic, based in the traditional music forms of congos, palos, gaga, salve, saranduga, among others and the influence of this movement in the Diaspora of Dominicans in New York City, where Boni played, created and shared his music experience and knowledge for more than half of his life.

The documentary reflects the impact of the criollo Dominican musical movement in the Dominican Republic as well as in the City of New York and Boni Raposo’s influence in this movement. Featuring a stirring soundtrack from Boni Raposo CD " Caribbean Chants and Drums" and music from the Composer Rafáel Fland from the music video "Boni Siempre Tocará"

Documentary Running Time: 62 Minutes


Director & Editor
Willian Alemán

Vivian Martínez
Michele Grate
Martha Ellen Davis

Willian Alemán
Vivian Martinez

Willian Alemán
Vivian Martinez

In order of appearance

Noelle Dean
Maria Suero
Jocelyn Raposo
R. Nina Paulino
Tom van Buren
Iván Domínguez
Isidro Bobadilla
David Almengod
José Figueroa
Toni Vicioso
Paul Austerlitz
Martha E. Davis
Sita Frederic
Maria Terrero
Pedro Raposo
Rafael Fland (Flandra)
Ernesto Rodriguez
Francia Reyes

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