Moses Facing Jordan: At the end of his long and eventful life, Moses is told by God that he may not cross the Jordan River. He is to go up the mountain, look over the river, and see the good land that is to be his people's land. And when he has seen it, he is to be no more. He is to be gathered to his ancestors.

The oratorio, in seven parts and 36 numbers, tells a retrospective, a looking-back, story of the life of Moses.

Part I You Shall Be Gathered to Your People 1-3
Part II The Call of Moses 4 - 10
Part III The Successes of Moses 11 - 17
Part IV The Laws 18 - 21
-- intermission --
Part V The Troubles 22 - 26
Part VI Face to Face 27 - 30
Part VII Miriam Sang 31 - 36

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2. Scene DEUTERONOMY 3:23-25

MOSES: And I besought the Lord at that time,
saying, "Oh, Lord God,
You have begun to show
Thy servant thy greatness,
And thy mighty hand.

"For what God is there in heaven or in earth,
That can do according to thy works
And according to thy might?

"I pray thee, let me go over
And see the good land,
The good land that is beyond Jordan."



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