Blackbird | Directed by Joseph Kosinski

This is an Aero X concept car spec spot directed by Joseph Kosinski and Produced by Anonymous Content and Speedshape / LA. Live action was shot on the ViperCam against bluescreen and composited into an all CG Environment.

Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Head of Sales: Michael DiGirolamo
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Director of Photography: Garry Waller
Storyboards: Dwayne Turner
Visual Effects: Speedshape/LA
Robert Nederhorst - Visual Effects Supervisor
Stephen Griffith - Visual Effects Producer
Greg Tsadilas - CG Supervisor
Marc Dominic Rienzo - Compositing Supervisor
John Allardice - Previsualization
Erick Schiele - Digital Artist / Videographer
Nathan Millsap - Digital Artist
Linden Vennard - Digital Artist
Matt Fairclough - Digital Artist / Software
Jared Tripp - Modeling Artist
Justin Mijal - Modeling Artist
Nick Poznick - Interior vehicle modeling
Hagen Gilbert - Visual Effects Assistant
Brady Doyle - Compositing Assistant
Mike Orlando - 3D Tracking
Steve Reiss - Executive Producer
Carl Seibert - Managing Director
Pamela Newlands - On Set Photography
Software - 3DS Max, VRay, Nuke, Scratch, PF
Track, Photoshop, Terragen
Remix: Jeffrey Kosinski