Western Spaghetti's | Proud to be a Bison

Description //
Everything was shot in 4 days. We wanted the project to feel as authentic as possible therefore we had decided to split all the scenes between the 2 DOP's who have co-founded Western Spaghetti's. Maxim Vincent the third co-founder of Western Spaghetti's blended all the footage together and made a perfect mix in the edit. This clip was shot on an Alexa Classic in combination with CelereHS lenses.

Production //
Western Spaghetti's

Cast //
Mark Frederickx - Man
Nicolas Dillen - The Boxer
Julia Groels - Dancer
Bison - Twisty
Man with Tattoo - Wannes De Houwer

Crew //
Joppe De Houwer - Director, Writer
Maxim Vincent - Producer, Editor
Wannes De Houwer - Director of Photography
Sebastian Vuye - Director of Photography
Lino De Konick - 1st Assistant Camera
Voice Over - Greg O'Brien
Mathieu Ichy - Sound Designer
John Scigulinsky - Original Music Composer
Liene Godon - Make-Up Artist
Florian Keirse - Color Grader
Robbe Godon - On Set Photographer