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Lucas Oil Empire Super Springs A-Main at Weedsport Speedway (9/4/17)

Varin pulled double duty on Monday driving the Dover Brake No. 00 ESS Sprinter and the Magsarus No. 93 Big Block Modified, and once again proved the man to beat in Sprint Car action.

Newly crowned ESS champion Jason Barney led the 360 Sprint Car Invitational early on before giving way to the “Cobra” Chuck Hebing on a lap 5 restart.

With Shawn Donath moving into the third position, Hebing and Barney checked away from the pack until a red flag at lap 13 for a flipping Paulie Colagiovanni. The driver of the No. 10C was ok, but done for the night.

After starting further down in the order, Varin had taken fourth position just prior to the red flag and immediately pounced to second on the lap 13 restart.

Barney was able to jump back to the lead on that restart with Hebing falling to the fourth position. But, the lead was once again short lived for Barney as Varin went to the top spot on the outside in turn two on lap 15.

From there it was once again all Varin at Weedsport, running to his second consecutive winged Sprint Car win at The Port over Barney, Billy VanInwegen, Hebing, Tommy Wickham, Scott Kruetter, Darryl Ruggles, Donath, Paul Kinney, and Coleman Gulick on the top ten.

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