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Video tutorials for Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

Features some tutorials videos from Webel IT Australia on Model-Based Systems Engineering with the OMG Systems Modeling Language in the MagicDraw SysML Plugin and Cameo Systems Modeler tools, as well as some guides to model-driven software engineering with MagicDraw UML.

The videos hosted here complement the tutorial slide trails on the Webel IT Australia site:

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"Model-based systems engineering with the OMG's Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) and the SysML Plugin for MagicDraw® and Cameo™":

Webel IT Australia can customise training materials to emphasise topics of interest to your engineering domain and to suit all skill levels - from those completely new to SysML to very advanced SysML and UML users.

The Webel Digital Twin Pattern for SysML: Part 1: Simulating acquisition or creation of physical assets

Format: 4K narrrated screencast. This video accompanies the following online slide trail:

It shows simulation of the acquisition and creation cases for the Webel Twin Pattern for SysML in Cameo Simulation Toolkit using Activities and StateMachines.

Please note that this is not a SysML tutorial video! It is a screencast of a detailed SysML model with explanations and assumes you already have some familiarity with UML or SysML.

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Development of the SysML model featured in this video was kindly sponsored by GreenSoft Pty Ltd, developers of software for tracking environmentally friendly building and construction projects.

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