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At Today's Dentistry on Brisbane's Northside, all of our team follow and act upon the practice’s philosophy of being open, honest and plain speaking.
It is our belief that by giving you all the information and choices, you can decide what is best for you.
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Today's Dentistry Brisbane - Treating Children

Children need to feel safe and in control in any environment and at Today’s Dentistry we are committed to ensuring our smaller patients feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

We believe that just because kids are little doesn’t mean they don’t have big feelings and fears.
Even little patients like to feel like they are in control. Its important that mum and dad understand all the options, associated costs and what the likely treatment outcomes are.

Many children have a fear of the dentist or a fear of new and strange places. They may be afraid or unsure of what may be about to happen, and in particular the potential of pain. It is common that kids have a fear of needles or have picked up on their parent’s own fear of the dentist!

At Today’s Dentistry we treat kids the same way as we treat adults. This means that our priority is to keep them fully informed about what we are going to do – using language appropriate to their age of course! Keeping them ‘in the know’ means they are in control.