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At Today's Dentistry on Brisbane's Northside, all of our team follow and act upon the practice’s philosophy of being open, honest and plain speaking.
It is our belief that by giving you all the information and choices, you can decide what is best for you.
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Today's Dentistry Brisbane - State of the Art Equipment

As a commitment to provide the best possible care, attention and treatment to our patients, Today’s Dentistry ensures it has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

At Today's Dentistry we are committed to providing the best possible care, attention and treatment to our patients and a part of that is ensuring we have the latest state-­‐of-­‐the art equipment and technology at hand.This includes; our 3D x-­‐ray machine, the DiagnoCam, CEREC, intra-oral cameras and the sterile room.

This technology allows us to show our patients exactly what is happening with their teeth and gums – without leaving their chair.For instance our 3D x-­‐ray machine gives us a comprehensive view of our patient's dental anatomy from different angles. It allows us greater ability to diagnose different types of dental problems accurately, helps in treatment planning and evaluating certain dental conditions.

It takes the guess work out of diagnosing and allows us to see exactly where the problems are.The 3D image also helps us educate our patients on their problem. Because we can put the image up on the television screen, we can show our patients what their teeth are actually like and give them assurance that the treatment recommended is necessary.

Another very useful piece of equipment, we have to help diagnose early decay or early cavities is the DiagnoCam. It is a harmless laser beam that we use to scan each tooth individually and it gives us a reading whether that tooth has any early signs of decay in it. A great advantage is that we can pick up problems earlier. That means, the fillings we need to do are smaller and the teeth remain stronger, so there is less need for more invasive and uncomfortable treatment. For ceramic tooth reconstructions we use CEREC, which is short for single-­‐ visit ceramic reconstructions. It uses a sophisticated camera that takes a snapshot photo inside the patients mouth. Then using high-­‐tech computer software it will assess and design the construction of their tooth – all in just one single visit. This is fantastic technology for our patients as it is less invasive, and time saving -­‐ what used to happen in 14 days can now be complete in 2 hours. There are no more time wasting and uncomfortable impressions because the shape of the tooth is scanned by CEREC. The patient receives a perfect new tooth as CEREC mills the new tooth immediately using a hard wearing dental bio-­‐ceramic material.

Our intraoral cameras are one of our favourite pieces of equipment to use as it gives our patients the information they need to make an informed decision about their dental health. We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult for our patients to fully understand the condition of their teeth, in the same way that we do. Using an intraoral camera, patients can see exactly what is happening in their mouth as the camera is connected to a large TV screen, that our patients watch, as we investigate their mouth.The camera contains a bright LED which helps us diagnose cavities or fractures that might be difficult to see with the naked eye. We can also take photos of the problem and send these to specialists for a referral or second opinion. As everything in our practice is digital, we can store these images on the patient's dental record and compare the state of erosion and staining in the next visit.

Our patient's safety and welfare is our top priority and that is why we have strict infection control policy and procedures in place. As part of this is our designated Sterile room. Having an area for sterilising equipment away from the treatment rooms decreases the risk of cross-­‐ contamination. Using advanced sterilisation technology, our instruments are disinfected, wrapped and made ready before use. Of course we ensure that our treatment rooms are also cleaned and disinfected between patients.It's impossible in this day and age to do quality dental care without the latest equipment and technology and that is why we have an ongoing commitment to use the materials and different procedures available today to help people in ways that we couldn't have imagined 10 -­‐ 15 years ago.

It is our policy to give our patients open and frank advice on all their options including CEREC and other state of the art technologies available. We discuss the alternatives and the associated costs, empowering our patients to make the most informed decision about their dental health.